Complete Casting by Stephen Salamunovich

Seattle, WA
Stephen Salamunovich C.S.A.
Union: CSA

After 31 years of casting in both the Los Angeles and Seattle markets, Stephen Salamunovich is unquestionably the most experienced casting director in the Pacific Northwest. Having completed over 3500 projects, he's also the busiest and most successful. He is the recipient of the Artios Award®, casting's highest honor bestowed by his peers in the Casting Society of America®. He holds the distinction of being the only honoree in the award's history to win an Artios® working outside of New York or Los Angeles as a lead/solo casting director. It is one of three nominations he has received for the award. Credits include virtually all the major networks and studios, Anonymous Content, Hungry Man, Propaganda, Headquarters, Area 51, Atlas Pictures, Bedford Falls, @Radical Media, Rant Films, Chased By Cowboys, Dark Light Pictures, Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company. Check the "About Us" page on our website to see what clients are saying about us.