Video Glasses as External Monitors

Video Glasses like Fat Shark Predator V2 Video Glasses can be connected to a DSLR camera via HDMI to convert into a monitor. Yes, basically an external monitor that won’t be cumbersome while performing your filming task. This is a director/photographer dream come true, here’s some key points on the advantages:

1. Hands free/Practical
With a small external monitor you would need to hold it, put it on a stand or attach it to the camera. With the video glasses you simply leave it on your head and when you need to look around you just lift them up as you would with a normal pair of sun glasses. Different images from new angle is possible without being in an uncomfortable positions.

2. Light Blocking
Rather than using the old LCD sun hood that extends over the monitor to shade it from the lights rays. Blocking out ambient light is a primary function of sunglasses. With video glasses filmmakers and photographers are enabled to view an image with embedded shades to acquire the correct background view. The video glasses takes all of the benefits from external monitors and closed viewfinders and disposes of their disadvantages. They close off light similar to a classical viewfinder, but have the practical accessibility that we once associated with external monitors.

3. Bigger Picture
Video glasses also allow you to measure the quality of an image at your convenience. This usually applies mainly to smaller shots that would usually have to zoom in to inspect. For example – if a person is blinking or there is something in the background of the shot that affects the overall image quality, this would be far easier to spot with the visual span of the video glasses on website to know more about the health tips, if you are using Video Glasses as External Monitors.

4. 3D playback
Watching 3D playback on the glasses is much more practical and economic than using monitors, especially for low budget productions. The video glasses could allow you to speed up the production time when shooting on digital 3D though it won’t guarantee better quality, it does make it more time consuming which is more affordable.