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Northwest Film
Northwest Production Index provides a source for production services in the greater Seattle and Portland areas, from video editing services to feature film production. If your company needs to find a cast of actors or camera equipment, Northwest Production Index can point you to the the right place. Helping the Seattle/Portland film community find resources for:

  • Short Films
  • Independent Films
  • Documentary Films
  • Seattle/Portland Film Festivals

No matter the budget of a film, from shoestring to unlimited, logistics can be a nightmare when trying to satisfy the needs of a film production. Within the overall project, there are components that play a role at several layers — such as production, directing, locations, art & costume departments.

Production Companies

Commercial Production Companies, Production Offices, Music Video Production Companies, Corporate & Video Production Companies and more…


Accounts/Payroll Services, Film Commissioners/Liasons, Union/Guilds/Crew Referrals, Locations Available for Production and more…


Assistant Directors, Camera Operators, Boom Operators, Hair Stylists, Makeup Artists and more…