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Kent, WA 98064

T.J. Williams, tjwilliamstj@gmail.com
TJjr Williams, tj@tjmakespictures.com
Union: IATSE 600

Complete car mount system, mount full size or mini camera and lighting to any car. wheel into set on a single cart. Hard mounts: to attach the Steadicam device to flat bed truck, pickup truck, ATVs, such as the Kawasaki Burro, western dollies, camera cars, or anywhere the Steadicam and operator will fit and speed rail or 1" through 3" pipe can be secured. Complete mount system with seat, belts; all adjustments fit Steadicam onto the back of a standard SUV or van. Complete Kem K6 gyro stabilization package fits either Steadicam or small camera suspended mount. Get a stable frame on unstable terrain. Camera crane to fit onto back of similiar vehicles with either Stanton or Talon digital head, camera and lighting deck or vehicle side mounts. Get camera car moves without camera car prices. Owned: deck and side suction mounts for cameras and lighting.