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Union: IATSE 600

Stanton (Jimmy jib Triangle) 40' 30' 24' 18' 12' 9' or 7' foot arm, with our custom base or off-road base. Either Stanton head or our new digital Ravensclaw Talon head (www.ravensclaw.us). We offer either joy stick or digital wheels control. This new head is also motion control capable. Either head can mount overslung for height or underslung to pass closely over objects below. Our new custom base allows mounting the crane easily with troughs on standard dolly track and passes through narrow doorways or hallways, with 4 wheel steering, but then spreads out for stability. Spread out for long arm stability the ground plan is over 5' by 5' making it certainly the safest crane in this size range in our market. Quick set up from roll in carts and roll in control desk. Very experienced crew available.