A.P.S. Flying Cameras: T.J. Williams TJ Makes Pictures, LLC: T.J. Williams Jr.

PO Box 6223
Kent, WA 98064

T.J. Williams, tjwilliamstj@gmail.com
TJjr Williams, tj@tjmakespictures.com
Union: IATSE 600

Complete car mount system, mount full size or mini camera and lighting to any car, wheel into set on a single cart. Helicopter mount, Kem gyro stabilized, works in smaller helicopters. Electronic cinematography: RED Epic, 4.5K RED1, 4K. Zeiss C Primesin PL, Matt box focus aks. News spot or corporate: Sony HDCam 1080I camcorder, Panasonic HPX 900 Canon 18/1 HD lens. Jimmy Jib Triangle 7 9 12 18 25 30 40 ft with full remote camera control 3 axis head wheeled base. Steadicam Systems to qualified operators, Ravensclaw Talon motion control capable digital head Mitchell mount, joy stick and wheels control. All equipment available with camera assistant or tech and $2 million dollar insurance package. Sub-rentals of other needed accessories available. It's probably a good idea to check our crew and equipment package prices before you decide on a short-term equipment rental.