A.P.S. Flying Cameras: T.J. Williams TJ Makes Pictures, LLC: T.J. Williams Jr.

PO Box 6223
Kent, WA 98064

T.J. Williams, tjwilliamstj@gmail.com
TJjr Williams, tj@tjmakespictures.com
Union: IATSE 600

Movie and national TV, experienced. Wheels operating remotes. Solid camera operation for: stunts, or pyro. Good nerves! No shake, unless you want it, during pyro gags, or gunfire. One time shots such as aircraft take-offs, big falls, etc. Digital and TV: EFP operating under technical direction and ENG operating. Specialties include: Wheels operating, Steadicam owner operators, remote head crane, scuba, aerials with our owned aerial mount or Tyler mid or nose mount. Doc or reality show operation. Reel on website or DVD. Recent: 21 and Over: Steadicam operator. Late Autumn feature: Steadicam operator, Wrong Turn at Tahoe feature: A operator.