A.P.S. Flying Cameras: T.J. Williams TJ Makes Pictures, LLC: T.J. Williams Jr.

PO Box 6223
Kent, WA 98064

T.J. Williams, tjwilliamstj@gmail.com
TJjr Williams, tj@tjmakespictures.com
Union: IATSE 600

National and international long form, experienced, documentary experience, spot and internet video experience. Two operators TJ Williams jr, IA600 operator with extensive experience see our joint site or www.tjmakespictures.com for some recent Vimeo of his work. TJjr works nationally so availability locally is sometimes limited. TJ Williams sr, working locally with our smaller rig. We are both able to work in a variety of styles, TJ sr, has been a Steadicam national workshop instructor. And has done Steadicam workshops locally. We are multiple award winners, We have 2 rigs: (A Rig) full cinema with quality, Pro, Rig, Cp, Cinetronic, Xcs, Teradek Bolt pro, Tiffen, Russell, all the best parts to make the best rig. Capable of carrying: Alexa, Panavision, RED Epic, with full aks. (B Rig) Tiffin Flyer LE with special wiring and after-market extremely bright monitor, carries smaller cameras such as HPX 250 270  Sony EX 1 EX 3 etc. We can use our special rig to weight DSLR's to fly on this rig. TJsr and our B rig are very suitable for regional HD commercials, corporate work, and indy films. We offer very competitive pricing.