A.P.S. Flying Cameras: T.J. Williams TJ Makes Pictures, LLC: T.J. Williams Jr.

PO Box 6223
Kent, WA 98064

T.J. Williams, tjwilliamstj@gmail.com
TJjr Williams, tj@tjmakespictures.com
Union: IATSE 600

Experience with all formats. Digital and film. 35mm or 4K digital motion pictures. Owned: RED Epic, RED1, Panasonic HPX 900R, Panasonic HPX 250 Canon DSLR, Sony HD Cam etc. We rent a variety of cameras and have familiarity with Arrflex Alexa, Sony 55, etc. Our credits include national TV shows, regional spots.shooting for major corporations, documentary or dramatic. Familiar with many lighting styles. Able to match existing footage. Specialization in lighting and blocking for camera movement. Also: Steadicam owner/operators, remote head crane owner/operators. Very experienced with reality and hand-held work. Recent credits include: Coca Cola Light, and Walmart national spot contest 2nd place, Modern Marvels, Volvo, Fox specials, Costco web site, Conservation Pathfinders and For the Rights of All for National PBS, Trading Spaces, spots for KJR Woolf Radio, most area casinos, corporate Boeing, Microsoft, Furniture and Auto retail, Please see the site at www.camera-person.com for complete reels and credits.