Bruce Kendall

312 E Canyon Run Blvd / PO Box 2014
Ketchum, ID 83340

Union: Northwest Location Professionals (NWLP)

Scouting and permitting locations quickly, creatively, and on budget. Specializing in "The West" for 20 years. Clients include Jeep, L.L. Bean, Wells Fargo, Mercedes, Honda, Texaco, Marlboro, AT&T, GE, Clif, Microsoft, Nissan, Timberland, TVA, Chevrolet, Players, Busch, Boeing, Ferrari, Weyerhaeuser, Bank of America (etc.), Tim Mitchell, Tony Scott, Steven Wilkes, William Huber, Jim Krantz, Nadav Kander, Hans Gissinger, Alan Kaplan, Annie Leibovitz, David Burnett, Jorg Badura, William Thompson, David Stoecklein, Jim Arndt, Andric, (plus many more). Call for availability, rates, and on-file locations.