Chambers Productions

2975 Chad Dr
Eugene, OR 97408

541-686-8004 Fax

Bryan Johnson,

Chambers Productions is located in Eugene, Oregon, at the 100,000 sq. ft. Chambers Media Center complex. Our cutting-edge facility houses multiple sound stages including; two 14,000 sq. ft. stages with 15’x16h’ doors, grid, and AC; a 5,400 sq. ft. stage with two wall covered cyclorama -- 64’x60’x20’h, a 12’x8’ service door, 26’ grid with dimmer. A 600 sq. ft. insert stage with blue screen single wall covered cyclorama -- 20’x10’h, 12’ grid with dimmer. Studios are heated, have red light system, access to 12 & 16 ft. rolling walls, restrooms, showers, green and make-up rooms, and gated parking on eight acre back-lot. Production offices available. Events welcome.