Oppenheimer Cine Rental, LLC

7400 3rd Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108

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Marty Oppenheimer
Union: OMPA

Oppenheimer proudly supplies the latest in both Digital Cinema and HD cameras. In 2010, we brought you the first ARRI Alexa cameras. In 2012, we added the first Sony F65 cameras. In 2013, we added the first Sony F5 and F55 cameras in the region, as well as the Canon C300. In addition to ARRI, Sony and Canon cameras we feature the RED Epic as well as a variety of 2/3" broadcast cameras. We were also first in the region with recorders like the Convergent Design Odyssey, Gemini and Nanoflash. We have the widest array of high quality lenses from Angenieux, Fujinon, Cooke, Zeiss, Nikon and others, as well as specialty accessories lie Swing Shift lens systems, video transmitters, CineTape Measures, Preston FIZ systems and our OppCam 8mm Ultra Wide Angle and OppCam 60mm and 100mm Makro lenses. And, when you work with us, if we don't have an item available, we'll get it for you! The Best in the Northwest since 1979.