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Movie makers from around the country have discovered Spokane’s talented crew base, diverse locations, great weather and affordable conditions. Spokane is located on the eastern edge of Washington where sunshine mixes with a myriad of rural and urban settings. From historic neighborhoods to quaint western towns, rugged mountains to pristine lakes, national forests, raging rivers and miles of winding roads through golden waves of wheat…Spokane and the surrounding region offers the perfect backdrop for feature films and commercial productions of every type. ”Wherever you turn, there’s something great to shoot,” commented one location manager recently. An experienced production workforce makes your project easy and affordable with talented location managers, producers, directors and trade professionals who call our region home for its quality of life and easy access to creative projects. Additional crews and equipment are available from Seattle, a short 35-minute flight or four-hour drive from Spokane, but a world away in terms of cost and workability. Our office regularly provides same-day digital location photo service, posting location options on the web to make scouting a breeze and minimizing your pre-production costs. Our pro-active city film office offers simple, fast permitting and reasonably priced services, making Spokane, eastern Washington and the Inland Northwest a great choice for your next project.