Terry Simpson/T’Visions Production Co.

1911 SW Dawson St
Seattle, WA 98106

Terry Simpson

Specializing in video for web and multimedia. Script doctor, an "actor's director" with visual instincts, and blue-screen wiz. People skills AND technical ingenuity -- "a clever guy." 20 years in mixed-media production (video/live theatre interactive, videowall, multi-image projection) as well as broadcast/corporate TV, both multicam and single cam production. Inventing elegant approaches to explode the limitations of the small screen.

2008, ArtZone in Studio with Nancy Guppy, Seattle Channel, 16-show series, multicamera
2005-2007, Talk Medicine, UWTV, 9 shows in a 13 show series, multicamera & single camera
2007, Ceraclad, Panasonic Building Materials, 27 segments in web-based, CDV marketing video