Zita Mazzola

Seattle, WA
206-953-3693 cell
425-487-9792 Fax

Union: IATSE 871, WIF/Seattle

Commercial production manager/supervisor. Extensive knowledge of Northwest personnel and support services. Resourceful, professional, and works well with people. Clients include: Chelsea, Station Films, Imperial Woodpecker, Caviar, Arts & Sciences, Smuggler, Academy, Anonymous, Strange & Wonderful, Alarming Pictures, Director’s Bureau, Slim Pictures, NFL Network, The Vault, Crossroads, Sticks & Stones, Crooked River, Untitled, Filmateria, @ radical media, Pictures in a Row, Millennium, Tool , MJZ, Form, RSA­USA, Mr. Big, Harvest, Imagination USA, HKM, Digital Kitchen, Loaded Pictures, Nucleus Pictures, Size, Chased by Cowboys, Headquarters, Green Dot, and many more. Fluent in Cantonese. Resumé and references available.