Bourne 4: Matt Damon in Negotiations to Reprise Jason Bourne

The Bourne Ultimatum movie image Matt Damon Paul Greengrass

Matt Damon is in negotiations to reprise the role of Jason Bourne. Twitch is reporting that Damon will only return to the “Bourne” series if filmmaker Paul Greengrass directs. As a result, Universal is currently in negotiations with Greengrass to return as the director of the hit series. However, final negotiations have not concluded.

The source also revealed that the Jeremy Renner character Aaron Cross will not get scrapped. Instead, Universal will continue the Cross saga in a separate series. If Damon and Greengrass sign on for another Bourne film, the studio will continue the Jason Bourne series as well.

The Bourne series was one of the most successful trilogy’s for Universal in recent years. The first film, “The Bourne Identity,” grossed $121 million domestically, while the second installment, “The Bounre Supremacy,” scored $176 million domestically. The third installment, “The Bourne Ultimatum,” was the most successful, scoring $227 million domestically. The film also went home with three Academy Awards and scored rave reviews garnering a 94 aggregate score on Rotten Tomatoes.